ROSS MARKETING INTERNATIONAL, LLC relies on cutting-edge technology, proven experience in designing and managing teleservice programs, a detailed understanding of the client's needs/goals and an expertly trained call center team that is able to develop interest, generate sales, and provide win-win answers for you, the client, as well as your customer.

Today's prudent business leaders know that effective marketing isn't that simple. At ROSS MARKETING INTERNATIONAL, LLC, effective results oriented marketing boils down to 3 words...

Experience ~ Technology ~ Integration

As your "Results Oriented Sales Specialist," ROSS MARKETING INTERNATIONAL, LLC is able to offer a comprehensive menu of marketing services and telesolutions that are tailored to meet your needs and streamline your marketing efforts. Few companies have the expertise, technology, and staff to implement flexible, cost-effective programs in-house. Our integrated approach to project design, information analysis and data management, provides the client with the exact combination of services and information necessary to maximize results.

Whether you require inbound, outbound, call blending or other marketing services, remember one thing: Our results consistently confirm we are the best!





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