ROSS MARKETING INTERNATIONAL, LLC is proud to be one of a select number of industry leaders offering the very latest in turnkey call management systems. Our SER Call Processing System combines sophisticated inbound and outbound calling with blended calling features to provide maximum flexibility, productivity, and results. Cross-trained representatives are able to maximize their talk time as call blending converts them from outbound producers to handling inbound service requirements -- or moves them between campaigns -- always according to the criteria you set. The integrity of your ACD reporting is maintained because representatives are moved, not the calls.


Projects can be monitored by both management and the client in real time to maintain a high standard of quality.

Supervisors can edit the Calling lists before or after being loaded into an active campaign to establish specific dialing order, recycling, and loading or unloading of selected records.

Dialing records may be routed to specific agent or group agents sharing a specific skill set to improve call quality or provide a single contact for a customer for the life of a project.


* Programs and reports are designed according to your needs, not the capabilities of the system.

* Three-way conferencing between representative, customer and client improves customer service and allows for direct client-customer contact in real time to assist in areas such as credit applications, customer qualifications, etc.

* Ever-present digital recording of all representatives can be retrieved by project, time period, or individual representative and transmitted to the client electronically, via CD, or on tape for review.

* Rather than the separate rates charged by some marketing firms for inbound and outbound programs, ROSS Marketing International, LLC provides a single billing rate for an individually tailored menu of services designed to meet the client's project requirements.

Whether you require inbound, outbound, call blending or other marketing services, please don't hesitate to call or inquire about how we can help you achieve your goals.




We can help you achieve your goals!


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